Dragon Nest Level 50 Saint PVP/PVE Skill Build

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First of all, the purpose is guide you while you making your Saint Skill build. There are many guides out there you guys can search for and this is only one of that guides. 
Pure PVE Saint Skill Build


Cleric Skill Tree
  • Max Charged Bolt – Charged Bolt have the highest damage in cleric skill tree when it’s on Max. For Charged Bolt, if can’t get level 16 better leave it at level 1 and use on other skill.
  • Block level 2 – Many will ask why block only level 2. The answer is you won’t take more than 3 skills at a time in PVE so you can save SP for other skill
  • Max Physical Mastery – Your heal (not healing relic) will counted from your hp so its better you get more hp to increase the amount of heal you can produce.
  • Max Heal – Saint is a ‘Healer’ class so of course we need to max this.
  • Priest Skill Tree
  • Max Heal Relic – Saint is a ‘Healer’ class and this will be needed for raids and nests
  • Lightning Relic level 6 – It’s a requirement to get Lightning Relic EX and why not level 12? The damage output not worth for your 6 SP. With that 6 SP you can get higher damage output using other skill
  • Max Chain Lightning – For PVE, Chain Lightning damage output is better than detonate. Very High damage output
  • Detonate Level 6 – For PVE, Detonate needed sometime like in GDN and it produce high amount of damage too so why not?
  • Max Holy Burst – Damage output not bad and its good for crowd control in PVE since Holy Burst have a large AOE.
Pure PVP Saint Skill Build


Cleric Skill tree
  • Max Block – We need our block to be max in PVP. The reason is there are many multiple hits attack from other class (Example: Electric Smite from Paladin) if our block only level 2,we won’t block the attack instead getting hit.
  • Holy Bolt level 1 – Holy bolt only needed to bind the enemy not the damage.
  • Max Heal – Very useful in PVP. Can heal teammates or self with quite high amount
  • Charged Bolt level 1 – In PVP, Charged bolt is hard to hit the enemy. That’s why no need to max it.
  • Priest Skill Tree
  • Max Lightning Bolt – This will make a little confuse. Many people ask “Why Go to Saint if we max the lightning bolt?” .The Answer is placed on Holy Shield. Holy Shield really annoying for team PVP if the timing is right while Inquisitor don’t have that. Max lightning bolt is for the greater damage output that can produce in PVP.
  • Lightning Relic level 6 – It’s for taking the Lightning relic ex that pretty annoying in Team PVP
  • Chain Lightning level 1 – We put chain lightning level 1 because chain lightning didn’t produce outstanding damage like in PVE.
  • Max Detonate – In PVP detonate have outstanding damage output than Chain lightning.
  • Max Bind Relic – For longer duration of Bind Relic.
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